How Much Money Does an Ant Scientist Make? (ft. Dr. Corrie Moreau) AntsCanada
3 years back
Ants as a career? How much money does a myrmecologist (ant scientist) make? What is it like studying ants? What are the challenges? We ask these and many ...
Leptogenys--The Ants of Cambodia that have Myrmecologists all Abuzz BeesUnlimited
5 years back
The following article (, and an ...
Myrmecology Meaning SDictionary
4 years back
Video shows what myrmecology means. The study of ants.. Myrmecology Meaning. How to pronounce, definition audio dictionary. How to say myrmecology.
Leafcutter ant myrmecology -Atta Cephalotes Leaf cutter Ants UK's largest private colony British Ants
2 years back
Redesign of our 4 year old colony, now the UK's largest private Leafcutting Ant colony! The fungus garden and feeding area are spereated across the room by a ...
Famed Myrmecologist Dr. Sadie discusses ants Joe Furman
8 years back
Famed Myrmecologist Dr. Sadie discusses food preference, mound maintenance, war and raiding practices of the common West Texas Carpenter Ant.
Alpha Colony Day 1. Myrmecology/insects/antfarm C River
4 years back
First day of Alpha Colony in their new home. I found this queen ant floating in a pool earlier this Summer.
Minecraft Mod Showcase | Myrmecology Mod [1.6.2] | FLYING ANT HILLS OF DOOM!! (HD) Gramps
6 years back
Sorry, but the description has been removed on all videos posted before May 27th. 2014. The reason being is that after un-suspending my channel, I just could ...
Myrmecology Daria Coe
2 years back
A video for the Science Ambassadors Scholarship. I feel as though Zoology is sort of an overlooked field of science, and even more so than that, are zoologies ...
Ant Colony in the Mad Myrmecologist Formicarium. Almost at capacity Mad Botanist
4 years back
This is the Mad Myrmecologist ant colony kit. You can raise a colony of ants as a pet. See the clearing in the middle there... the white under the glass is the eggs.
Dr. Himender Bharti a Myrmecologist - One Step Closer to ANTs (TRIBUTE) ON FOCUS
2 years back
One Step Closer to Red ANTs Read the About part of my channel for better understanding(learners). MUSIC: A Tribute to Dr.
my 2 queen ants!!! (tribute to world of myrmecology forum) Scxlly
3 years back
ant forum: __ β–· subscribe for daily videos: β–· Suggestions in comments!!! β–· Share this video!
Massive Red Tropical Fire Ant Colony Living in Omni Nests (Update Video Jan 5/14) AntsCanada
6 years back
Ants, ant colonies, antfarms, queen ants, worker ants, fire ants, myrmecology, and anything ants are my life! Haha! Visit for more ant ...
Alpha colony Day 2. Myrmecology/ant farm/insects C River
4 years back
Alpha Colony. Day 2 in their new home.
The Mad Myrmecologist set up with multiple formicaria. Mad Botanist
4 years back
This is multiple formicaria used to house a pet ant colony. The Mad Myrmecologist is an ant colony kit that allows you to raise a pet ant colony from a single ...
Myrmecology Leah V
1 years back
Created using Powtoon -- Free sign up at -- Create animated videos and animated presentations for free. PowToon is a free ...
Myrmecology Ilmu tentang semut Jefry Billy
2 years back
Amsal 6:6-8 (TB) Hai pemalas, pergilah kepada semut, perhatikanlah lakunya dan jadilah bijak: biarpun tidak ada pemimpinnya, pengaturnya atau ...
Alpha colony Day 3: Myrmecology ants insects formicarium C River
4 years back
Day 3 of the colony in their new home.
Pet Ant Colony escapes to find food. Mad Myrmecologist. The Consultant
5 years back
House your own pet ant colony. The Mad Myrmecologist $35 free domestic shipping.
Read Science! Episode 11 : E.O.Wilson (Myrmecology Rocks!) Read Science!
6 years back
Streamed live on 27 August 2013 Myrmecologist, entomologist, naturalist, writer, and thinker about the human condition, Edward O. Wilson was our guest to talk ...
🐜 🐜 is searching food , and movement. Study of 🐜 ( Myrmecology ) ID No. 1
6 months back
Study of (ant) The word myrmecology was coined (1865–1937), although human interest in the life of ants goes back further, with numerous ancient folk ...
Minecraft Myrmecology mod - Ant behaviour preview Samuel Tebbs
3 years back
made with ezvid, free download at This is a preview of some of the ant behaviour that was first implemented in Myrmecology 3.
What does myrmecology mean? What Does That Mean?
4 years back
What does myrmecology mean? A spoken definition of myrmecology. Intro Sound: Typewriter - Tamskp Licensed under CC:BA 3.0 Outro Music: Groove Groove ...
Worms Millipede (Organism Classifica Ants vs Worm myrmecology Animals lol
3 months back
Worms Millipede (Organism Classifica Ants vs Worm myrmecology.
The Mad Myrmecologist Super-Sized The Consultant
5 years back
This is the supersized version of the Mad Myrmecologist ant colony kit.
Myrmecology I. Norbert BΓ‘tfai
11 months back -- Watch live at
Minecraft Myrmecology - Rendering and Carpenter AI demo Samuel Tebbs
6 years back
This is a demonstration of the new block rendering and carpenter ant AI. Mod Forum Thread: ...
The Myrmecologist Ants: Channel Introduction The Myrmecologist Ants
2 years back
The Myrmecologist channel introduction. Follow me on Instagram: @myrmecologist Read my blog: The Myrmecologist (
How to say "myrmecology"! (High Quality Voices) WordBox
3 years back
Watch in this video how to say and pronounce "myrmecology"! The video is produced by
How to Pronounce myrmecology - American English HowToPronounce24
2 years back
Learn how to say/pronounce myrmecology in American English. Subscribe for more videos!
Sean Kingston Parody "Myrmecological World" by AntsCanada AntsCanada
10 years back
"Myrmecological World" lyrics by AntsCanada Myrmecological world, I'm so in love with ants it hurts, I'm thinking formic acid, farming aphids, polymorphic ...
Myrmecology ant different type santhu Santhosh
10 months back
Different type of ant caught in karnataka.
How To Say Myrmecology Emma Saying
2 years back
Learn how to say Myrmecology with EmmaSaying free pronunciation tutorials. Definition and meaning can be found here: ...
7 May 2017- New Queen arrival. World of Myrmecology: ant keeping forum.
2 years back
I got this Queen from a seller on Facebook. Let's see how she does!... some larvae present for now and she has been put in a clean test tube... Possible Lasius ...
Ants Conversation | Scientist Revel Sensational Facts About Ants Conversation OmFut
1 years back
Ants Conversation | Scientist Revel Sensational Facts About Ants Conversation #HowAntsconversationtoeachother #UnknownFactsAboutAntsconversation ...
Young Myrmecologist Centre (Unofficial) Volume 1 Shus
1 years back
First video about ants!!! For aspiring myrmecologists. Email: [email protected] Credits: Young Myrmecologist Media Centre 2018.
Myrmecology - Wikipedia Article Audio Wikipedia Audio
1 years back
This is an audio version of a Wikipedia article created for the benefit of those who have vision problems or problem reading at night. This Wikipedia article audio ...
Cutting Up Prey Insects for Young Colonies - AntsCanada Tutorial #13 AntsCanada
9 years back
Visit for more. Also, if you've been missing out, join us at the Ultimate Ants & Myrmecology Group on Facebook ...
The Myrmecologist - Nicole_Vanegas Maurice Vanegas
1 years back
2018 Science Fair - Study of Ant's Sense of Smell.
Cursed Castles - Cozy Quater - Myrmecology - 21"43 Marv Jungs
3 weeks back
How to Pronounce Myrmecology Pronunciation Guide
4 years back
This video shows you how to pronounce Myrmecology.
myrmecology - Smart & Obscure English Words Defined πŸ‘οΈπŸ”ŠπŸ—£πŸ§ βœ… See Hear Say Learn
1 years back
This video is about "myrmecology". This video is about "myrmecology". Here's a video of some of the most obscure English words with definitions that will ...
Young Myrmecologist Centre (Unofficial) Volume 2 Shus
1 years back
Count the number of ants you see! (though it's practically impossible)
Mako's Lasius niger colony 1 (Easter update). Film 75. April 2017. World of Myrmecology: ant keeping forum.
2 years back
A big feast for my ants today- Mealworms (better if they have just moulted), Strawberry protein jelly and Honeywater. They are hungry today!!... Please read.
Pogonomyrmex Dig & Census djd14d
4 years back
In Apalachicola National Forest, Myrmecologist Dr. Walter Tschinkel demonstrates techniques for excavating, censusing, and recording the architectural ...
Mako's Messor barbarus Queen. Film 3. June 2017. World of Myrmecology: ant keeping forum.
2 years back
Yay, there is now 1x pupae present now! Changed her test tube too... Please read... Don't forget to visit our forum 'World of Myrmecology' and become a member ...