Green Day - Father Of All...(Official Audio)

  • Published: 10 September 2019
  • this record is The New!
    soul, Motown, glam and manic anthemic. Punks, freaks and punishers!
    The Dirty messy . The Stink. ,
    The lyrics are like a party and lifestyle of not giving a fuck. The life AND death of the party. Not political. Surviving in chaos. The real shit.
    Me mike and Tre of the Green Day cut through the bullshit. That’s how it’s always been for us. Everything else is fake. Frauds I tell ya!!
    Rock has lost its balls. We’re gonna teabag all these mother fuckers. The baddest rock band on the planet that gives a shit.
    “Glorious” or “glorious anarchy” seems to be the word that keeps coming up that reflects
    Dangerous songs for dangerous kids!

    Our motto??
    “Nothing says fuck you like a unicorn”

    Love And kisses

    New album Father Of All... out February 7th, 2020 !!!!
    Get your first taste of the album and listen to the title track everywhere now

    last, but never least… we’re bringing the rock on the road all next year (hitting North America, Europe, Asia, etc). The Hella Mega Tour Presented by Harley-Davidson with Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Weezer + The Interrupters is coming to a stadium near you! Get dates + all the pre-sale info on


    I woke up to a message of love/choking up on the smoke from above/I’m obsessed with the poison and us/what a mess because there’s no one to trust

    Huh uh Come on honey/huh uh count your money/huh uh what’s so funny? there’s a riot living inside of us

    I got paranoia baby/and it’s so hysterical/cracking up under the pressure/looking for a miracle

    Huh uh come on honey lying in a bed of blood and money
    Huh uh what’s so funny?
    We are rivals in the riot inside us

    I’m impressed with the presence of none
    I’m possessed by the heat of the sun
    Hurry up cause I’m making a fuss
    Fingers up 🖕🖕🖕
    Cause there’s no one to trust

    #GreenDay #FatherOfAll #HellaMegaTour
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  • nettlecider
    nettlecider  26 less than a minute back

    Weezer stole Jack White's vocal effects and somehow ended up in Green Day studio. Hmmm

    • Ben Depeel
      Ben Depeel  1 hours back

      Aren't these guys in their 50s now and it sounds like scissor sisters hahaha

      • engineman34
        engineman34  2 hours back

        The cover art is shit and the description is cringe and the song is ok at best

        • Blarg Darsky
          Blarg Darsky  2 hours back

          what the fuck is this garbage

        • mfzbitch
          mfzbitch  3 hours back

          I think I only like this because I grew up listening to the band, otherwise if this was the first song I've heard, I honestly don't think I'd give them a chance lol Green day is amazing though. I've been a fan since 04!

          • Sookie
            Sookie  3 hours back

            This SUCKS!

            • Luke Bandy
              Luke Bandy  3 hours back

              Sounds like Hendrix song Fire

              • the calm zone
                the calm zone  4 hours back

                The father of all ....woke up from a unicorn nightmare in September

                • Hi im Josh
                  Hi im Josh  4 hours back

                  Can’t wait for the Green Day show in the Philippines

                  • Welsh Azor Ahai
                    Welsh Azor Ahai  4 hours back


                    • Carlos Garcia Ruiz
                      Carlos Garcia Ruiz  4 hours back

                      Sounds like it's from the 00's....

                      • A N’ C Vlogs
                        A N’ C Vlogs  5 hours back

                        What happened to Green Day, they’ve had a few good albums in the past like...10 years

                        • Metal Puppet
                          Metal Puppet  3 hours back

                          The Triology was great. Revolution Radio was great. This is also great. Different but great

                        • Nimrodkicks
                          Nimrodkicks  4 hours back

                          Their last great album was Revolution Radio in 2016.

                      • Shannon Roberts
                        Shannon Roberts  5 hours back

                        Not bad, just odd

                      • XORIFY Music
                        XORIFY Music  5 hours back

                        Please guys Subs my channel

                        • Star wars Gamer 101
                          Star wars Gamer 101  6 hours back

                          Angel and airwaves>Green day

                          • Shane Evans
                            Shane Evans  7 hours back

                            I didn't even know they were working on stuff

                            • Justin Aheimer
                              Justin Aheimer  7 hours back

                              Green Day can literally make a song that's supposed to be filler for a completely different record and it still be an absolute banger

                              • Ulfric Stormcloak
                                Ulfric Stormcloak  7 hours back

                                This could be a borderlands intro song and it should be

                                • yourtubesteak
                                  yourtubesteak  7 hours back

                                  Sounds like a song Jack White wishes he could write.

                                  • Graham Lyon
                                    Graham Lyon  8 hours back

                                    Maroon 5 ft. Green days band name

                                    • John Perz
                                      John Perz  8 hours back

                                      Wake me up when September ends...
                                      (Actually I think good things are coming soon)

                                      • RNTN
                                        RNTN  8 hours back

                                        Green days lost it😞

                                        • Daryl Gilmore
                                          Daryl Gilmore  1 hours back

                                          @Metal Puppet I don't think it's a joke album , I don't know what going on but I don't think it's that , artwork for the album is terrible I can't get my head around why .. just why lol new song is just an album filler , and where is the music video for it ,

                                        • Metal Puppet
                                          Metal Puppet  2 hours back

                                          @Daryl Gilmore ikr. Its also kind of a joke album because its their last one with their current label. They apparently treated Green Day like shit so they want to sell as little as possible so that the label doesnt earn a lot but they still have an album out. The fact that its only 20 minutes long (the exact length to qualify as an album) also shows that its just a joke. Having said that its still great somehow :)

                                        • Daryl Gilmore
                                          Daryl Gilmore  2 hours back

                                          Lost it ? One not great song and they "lost it" lol wake up

                                        • Metal Puppet
                                          Metal Puppet  3 hours back

                                          This is still pure Green Day

                                      • Manuel Ruiz
                                        Manuel Ruiz  8 hours back

                                        Sound better at live.

                                        • Los Gaudens Roses
                                          Los Gaudens Roses  8 hours back

                                          No hay nadie con quién hablar español aquí??? :'(

                                          • Nimrodkicks
                                            Nimrodkicks  4 hours back

                                            Si, aqui estoy, soy chilanga del df.

                                        • Jason Flieger
                                          Jason Flieger  8 hours back

                                          What the fuck is this description, did Billie Joe have a stroke or something?

                                          • Guuh Nandes
                                            Guuh Nandes  9 hours back

                                            its cool, but dont is green day xD

                                            • asylus runaway
                                              asylus runaway  9 hours back

                                              I found the song via a recommended jimmy Kimmel performance, and even the official recording sounds like shit, who thought Billie singing that high was a good idea? Like his normal vocal register would have been fine this is just gross

                                              • Metal Puppet
                                                Metal Puppet  3 hours back

                                                It fits the song very well with the effects and also without it when he does it live.

                                              • Nimrodkicks
                                                Nimrodkicks  4 hours back

                                                For it to be a rock song I would have preferred billie’s lower voice.

                                            • TheLegend28
                                              TheLegend28  9 hours back

                                              listen to it at 2x speed

                                              • the creeper
                                                the creeper  10 hours back

                                                Wtf happened to the green day that I loved

                                              • PoTaTo BoI
                                                PoTaTo BoI  10 hours back

                                                BEST YEAR EVERRRRR. FIRST SLIPKNOT'S W. A. N. Y. K THEN FOZZYS NOWHERE TO RUN, THIS HELL YASSSS!!!

                                                • MurrayOverboard
                                                  MurrayOverboard  10 hours back

                                                  This is dope! Sounds a little like The Network playing a song cowritten by Josh Homme. (And anybody else think the vocals are kinda reminiscent of Early Man?)

                                                  • storms stuff
                                                    storms stuff  10 hours back

                                                    Please come to Melbourne when u finish this album

                                                    • Genju Main 1125
                                                      Genju Main 1125  10 hours back

                                                      I got tickets for the Dalles TX show. IM PUMPED

                                                      • Quarter Luna
                                                        Quarter Luna  10 hours back

                                                        Why do I want to play Tony Hawk’s underground right now?

                                                        • Mental Depth
                                                          Mental Depth  10 hours back

                                                          We are listening to: Fall Out Boy 2.0 Nowadays

                                                          • The mighty Thor
                                                            The mighty Thor  10 hours back

                                                            finally i got something great.🥰

                                                            • Cameron Knight
                                                              Cameron Knight  11 hours back

                                                              Sounds like a lesser eagles of death metal cover of feel it still by Portugal the man. on its own i dig it but billys voices is kinda what draws me into most green day songs and it doesnt sound like green day imo. Not a bad sound though. Def better than the new FOB track. And has my same level indifference that i have for the new Weezer track

                                                              • Metal Puppet
                                                                Metal Puppet  3 hours back

                                                                Listen to the live version. Less effects on guitars and vocals there.

                                                            • Microwave
                                                              Microwave  11 hours back

                                                              Have you guys heard the new songs “paper Lanterns” and “don’t leave me?” Oh wait I’m 30 years late🤷‍♂️

                                                            • Microwave
                                                              Microwave  11 hours back

                                                              Personally I’m not a fan of anything after dookie, but it took me a couple times to listen to and I tried making myself like this and I’m starting to kind of like this

                                                              • Goutology
                                                                Goutology  11 hours back

                                                                Sounds pretty fucking mainstream for a punk band... smfh

                                                                • Metal Puppet
                                                                  Metal Puppet  3 hours back

                                                                  Punk is all about being easy and catchy. Thats what it is. Has nothing to do with mainstream

                                                              • keyratcane66
                                                                keyratcane66  11 hours back

                                                                Been a Green Day fan since 1992 and this song sucks.

                                                                • Alex Alvarez
                                                                  Alex Alvarez  1 hours back

                                                                  @Nimrodkicks Yeah ok pal. How old are you?

                                                                • Nimrodkicks
                                                                  Nimrodkicks  4 hours back

                                                                  You’re not a green day fan then.

                                                              • Elzevir Júnior
                                                                Elzevir Júnior  11 hours back

                                                                What??? 😳

                                                                • El Pulpo Verde
                                                                  El Pulpo Verde  11 hours back

                                                                  glad to see you guys doing something a little bit different but this is so compressed that those claps sounds like shots

                                                                  • Leo Dawes
                                                                    Leo Dawes  12 hours back

                                                                    Don’t know how I feel, on one hand I love it, on the other I really dislike it and I don’t know how

                                                                    • TheMysticDave
                                                                      TheMysticDave  12 hours back

                                                                      Is this the same Green Day that did Dookie and American idiot? It doesn’t sound like them, but I really like this song anyway.

                                                                      • jdomnhl17
                                                                        jdomnhl17  13 hours back

                                                                        Sounds like it could be black keys, jack white...

                                                                        • Jakeツ
                                                                          Jakeツ  13 hours back

                                                                          This is fucking amazing.

                                                                          • Vince Carter
                                                                            Vince Carter  13 hours back

                                                                            What the fuck is this?
                                                                            Is this really Green Day?
                                                                            WHAT THE FUCK???

                                                                            • Nimrodkicks
                                                                              Nimrodkicks  4 hours back

                                                                              No, it’s billie on some drugs