SWITCH IT UP SATURDAYS / TUESDAYS - Scrabble w/ Zylus & Mousie - 11/06/19


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  • sam frost
    sam frost  2 weeks back

    i think compared to america no country is really into sugar

    • Space
      Space  1 months back

      So they are getting married for easy access to the Netherlands?

      • nani?
        nani?  1 months back

        Captain Crunch is painful to eat. Really cuts up the roof of your mouth.

        • nani?
          nani?  1 months back

          Whoppers are weird. Malt is a very particular taste. I hate malted milk shakes, they are so gross. I can handle whoppers, but I don't really enjoy them. Dots are awful, overly sweet and way too chewy. Milk duds are the shit. Best candy out of the bunch. Bottle caps are pretty bad, grossly sweet and tart. Sugar babies are nasty. I feel like I'm going to shrivel up and die when I eat one. Salt Water Taffy is good like once a year, very enjoyable but still a bit too sweet. Lemonheads were good when I was 6, but now they are just over sweet. Black licorice isn't that bad, but it certainly is an acquired taste. Also, 100 proof isn't that bad. 151 is where its at!

          • Chris Delagarza
            Chris Delagarza  1 months back

            I CAME ON THE WORDS

            • Daniel McIntosh
              Daniel McIntosh  1 months back

              That was the worst excuse to explain away Zylus being there. They are banging for sure.

              • Steven Freeman
                Steven Freeman  4 weeks back

                @LemonCamel guy it was a joke... And good idea I'll watch, I like to watch... As I circle my belly button. 😂

              • LemonCamel
                LemonCamel  1 months back

                HOLY SHIT PEOPLE HAVING SEX THIS IS CRAZY EVERYBODY LOOK!!!!11!!1!! Seriously who fucking cares.

              • nani?
                nani?  1 months back

                I am kidding of course. No offense to Mousie or Zylus. I have loads of respect for both of you. Just a joke.

              • nani?
                nani?  1 months back

                Maybe he brought the marriage paperwork, you know, the quick way to get residency in a country.

            • SamIsPotentiallyACat
              SamIsPotentiallyACat  1 months back

              I love my dads.

              • Supful
                Supful  1 months back

                Good thing she didn't eat the licorice, it's generally made with wheat.

                • Decrazymonkeyking
                  Decrazymonkeyking  1 months back

                  it gluten free liqorice as zylus said 3 times

                • Koen Derksen
                  Koen Derksen  1 months back

                  These specific ones are not, they are made with corn and sugar mostly

              • TheSteveMeister
                TheSteveMeister  1 months back

                I'm used to the frog.

                • Steven Freeman
                  Steven Freeman  1 months back

                  That sneeze from Mousie was the cutest damn thing ever. Instead of rootbeer float should try Dr. Pepper float.

                  • nani?
                    nani?  1 months back

                    My sister sneezes like that, I find it damn annoying. Are people aware they have complete control over the sound they make when they sneeze? Deaf people don't have an "Achoo", they sneeze very quietly.

                • fxDELTAx
                  fxDELTAx  1 months back

                  This reminds of when TB did something similar.

                  • Heyo Jayo
                    Heyo Jayo  1 months back

                    They bangin rite???

                  • Zanth123
                    Zanth123  1 months back

                    A good one for Zylus to try is Horehound candy LOL

                    • Sugarcat
                      Sugarcat  1 months back

                      Compared to the Netherlands... you just stuck that poor boy in the middle of farmland nowhere. He must be going bonkers