FOOD ART CHALLENGE & How To Make the Best Avengers Pokemon Detective Pikachu Pancake Art


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  • Poppy Stanton
    Poppy Stanton  14 less than a minute back

    Keeper squad

    • Gamers United
      Gamers United  21 less than a minute back

      Devans a good artist

      • Mercedes Montanez
        Mercedes Montanez  2 minutes back


        • maeva guipi bopala
          maeva guipi bopala  2 minutes back

          Devan won everything

          • Runa Begum
            Runa Begum  3 minutes back

            I watched the even gers in the movies

            • Jacob Lacroix
              Jacob Lacroix  4 minutes back

              Is your name Devin or Kevin

              • mohammad pathan
                mohammad pathan  4 minutes back

                Whos watchin in 2019

                • Sledge_Clan
                  Sledge_Clan  4 minutes back

                  godzilla is black :/

                  • Susan Allen
                    Susan Allen  6 minutes back

                    Keeper skwad

                    • Aveed Playz
                      Aveed Playz  6 minutes back

                      Keeper squad

                      • beautyvc vc
                        beautyvc vc  7 minutes back

                        Tie and bwt way devan......

                        • grace strong
                          grace strong  8 minutes back

                          the person with red shoes is called dorothy and the oz

                          • Marissa Porche
                            Marissa Porche  8 minutes back


                            • Raul Ciortan
                              Raul Ciortan  10 minutes back


                              • Robert Williams
                                Robert Williams  11 minutes back

                                I pick the white shirt one

                                • Avery Elliott
                                  Avery Elliott  12 minutes back

                                  Inner Circle

                                  • JORDAN BUTLER
                                    JORDAN BUTLER  13 minutes back

                                    devin wins every round

                                    • Galaxy Gamer
                                      Galaxy Gamer  14 minutes back

                                      Sub to my channel

                                      • Marissa Porche
                                        Marissa Porche  14 minutes back


                                        • Toytimetoday
                                          Toytimetoday  15 minutes back

                                          the one in the white jacket won every single one

                                          • GandeyBoy Gandey
                                            GandeyBoy Gandey  15 minutes back

                                            I love your vids

                                            • Emma Winder
                                              Emma Winder  19 minutes back

                                              Devins for all

                                              • abbey kerregan
                                                abbey kerregan  19 minutes back

                                                2 round goes to Devan

                                                • Простой ;/
                                                  Простой ;/  19 minutes back

                                                  Есть русские

                                                  • Emma Winder
                                                    Emma Winder  21 minutes back

                                                    Keeper squad

                                                    • Stefanie Alvarez
                                                      Stefanie Alvarez  21 minutes back

                                                      Keeper squad

                                                      • iiCookie XD
                                                        iiCookie XD  21 minutes back

                                                        Keyper squad

                                                        • Héctor reyes
                                                          Héctor reyes  22 minutes back

                                                          Nvm 15:38 sorry

                                                          • Rita FARITIAS
                                                            Rita FARITIAS  22 minutes back

                                                            Can u make a harry potter theamed videoo

                                                            • Apsub0i
                                                              Apsub0i  23 minutes back

                                                              "Comment down below who won" Collins doesn't even try at all

                                                              • Héctor reyes
                                                                Héctor reyes  23 minutes back

                                                                15:28 that face tho 😂😂😂😂

                                                                • Moke king
                                                                  Moke king  24 minutes back

                                                                  you should have done captin america with bald hair (even though he dosen't have bald hair in endgame)

                                                                  • Sandstormgod 2002
                                                                    Sandstormgod 2002  24 minutes back

                                                                    God forgive me for watching this

                                                                    • That amazing girl kasey Xx
                                                                      That amazing girl kasey Xx  25 minutes back

                                                                      KEEPER SQUADDD

                                                                      • DORIN bravo
                                                                        DORIN bravo  26 minutes back


                                                                        • karen autry
                                                                          karen autry  26 minutes back

                                                                          Spider man out of a tomato

                                                                          • DORIN bravo
                                                                            DORIN bravo  26 minutes back

                                                                            Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttttt love this meme cris

                                                                            • DORIN bravo
                                                                              DORIN bravo  27 minutes back

                                                                              Am sexy

                                                                              • jay jade
                                                                                jay jade  31 minutes back

                                                                                and to think he went on agt with magic....

                                                                                Just magic up a watermelon iron man?..

                                                                                • Aiden Rustigan
                                                                                  Aiden Rustigan  31 minutes back

                                                                                  This was crazy I love this

                                                                                  • gacha gacha studio
                                                                                    gacha gacha studio  33 minutes back

                                                                                    keyper squad

                                                                                    • The random kid who draws and memes Aka the hecc

                                                                                      Kepper Squad!!!

                                                                                      • Star Lord
                                                                                        Star Lord  37 minutes back

                                                                                        R.I.P Iron man :( We miss you :(

                                                                                        • Regina Miliner
                                                                                          Regina Miliner  39 minutes back

                                                                                          You are terrible 😜

                                                                                          • Zaleah Connor
                                                                                            Zaleah Connor  40 minutes back

                                                                                            Keeper sqad

                                                                                            • Shinynose 101
                                                                                              Shinynose 101  40 minutes back

                                                                                              Someone named Klai has hugged Colins before

                                                                                              • Gordon Imadojemun
                                                                                                Gordon Imadojemun  40 minutes back

                                                                                                White hoodie guy

                                                                                                • Terrence Clark
                                                                                                  Terrence Clark  42 minutes back

                                                                                                  Devan won the whole thing