Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 5 | Game Revealed (HBO)


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  • Pallavi Sharma
    Pallavi Sharma  1 days back

    The season was totally trash they ruined a masterpiece. Even a 10 year old could have wrote a better script. Around season 7 they started losing it but s8 was pure disappointment . A man waited thousand year for another boy to come and learn everything to kill the night king and it took just a dagger to kill him . Aegon Targaryen all crap no one gave a shit. Nothing explained what did the walkers to with the babies what did the night king want who was he

    • Egl M07
      Egl M07  3 days back

      Was that real fire on the man falling down?

      • coins ph
        coins ph  3 days back

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        • Bennie Brunink
          Bennie Brunink  4 days back

          Eigenlijk zijn dus gewoon weer de hardwerkende mensen in de zeik gezet door de rijke verwende elite van over de zee.Ook omdat ze niet weten dat dit juist de bedoeling is .. Mensen teleurstellen .. Negatieve energie opwekken ..

        • Bennie Brunink
          Bennie Brunink  4 days back

          ' Eat as much f*cking cake as you want' Well,Dany .. Then spread those legs ..

          • Armando Sanchez
            Armando Sanchez  4 days back

            2 year-old

            • Armando Sanchez
              Armando Sanchez  4 days back

              South park

              • Allia Marie
                Allia Marie  5 days back

                Why isn't there a "game revealed" and "inside the episode" for the last one yet ? I know we already had the "Last Watch", but we'll always want more 😂 u know?!

                • MR.HAPPY
                  MR.HAPPY  5 days back

                  what the fuck is this game?

                  • Shrey Desai
                    Shrey Desai  5 days back

                    New Dumb and Dumber movie starring this two writers would be epic

                    • Neddy Stark
                      Neddy Stark  5 days back

                      I think Varys' (Conleth Hill) reaction at the read through says it all.
                      What an utterly terrible script and inept writing, it's staggeringly bad.

                      • Neddy Stark
                        Neddy Stark  2 days back

                        @Jort Manshanden you keep telling yourself that lol

                      • Jort Manshanden
                        Jort Manshanden  3 days back

                        Neddy Stark man his reaction is just him being sad for being killed

                    • Doki Doki
                      Doki Doki  6 days back

                      _Euron deserved better._

                      *JK fuck that bullshit! Not at all accurate to his character in the books. Get da fook atta 'ere!*

                      • Maria Bana
                        Maria Bana  6 days back

                        Where can I watch all episodes, I can't get them on YouTube??

                        • Mr Predatorrz
                          Mr Predatorrz  6 days back

                          they dont want to be predictable but i bet George R.R isn't gonna change his entire books story just because Dumb and Dumber figured out Jon Snow is actually a Targaryen

                          • David Paes de Almeida
                            David Paes de Almeida  7 days back

                            Can someone please tell me what’s BOB 26:58

                          • Jasper Bryan Dimabayao
                            Jasper Bryan Dimabayao  1 weeks back

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                            • F RS
                              F RS  1 weeks back

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                              • Eileen Trampe
                                Eileen Trampe  1 weeks back

                                what were they singing?

                                • YannyYummy PORN HUB
                                  YannyYummy PORN HUB  1 weeks back

                                  My Finale episode with Daenerys makes more sense. Find me YannyYummy on P ornHUB.

                                  • runeplate123
                                    runeplate123  1 weeks back

                                    22:38 lmao

                                    • İbrahim Bakırhan
                                      İbrahim Bakırhan  1 weeks back

                                      Game of Trones Animation Comedy Serie

                                      • Özlem Olgunsoy
                                        Özlem Olgunsoy  1 weeks back

                                        I saw in my dream, seazon 9. Daenerys Targaryen isn't dead ! The Dragon, fly with her dead body to somewhere healed her,Heals with breath and then she arise again.Jon snow said, there was a great mistake that I am killed you.Jon snow, returns to king's landing.with her.''Tormund Giantsbane'' join them too.she forgives Jon because of love, than she said, you killed me because of love but I forgive you because of love.

                                        • TheAnaconda456
                                          TheAnaconda456  1 weeks back

                                          6:40 Didn´t some whore grab varys by the stump ??

                                          • v c
                                            v c  1 weeks back

                                            ..... If you want to make her crazy then commit and have her act crazy eyed consistently. Tyrion doesn't want to be hand? Kill him. He committed so much treason,why would a " Mad Queen "lock him away instead of burning a treasonous hand that doesn't want to bend the knee? This is why the writing comes off as lazy. No consistency even within your own plot

                                            • v c
                                              v c  3 days back

                                              @Jort Manshanden ? Clearly I meant that she should be consistently crazy after the "twist" not before. My argument was clearly that they should at least be consistent to their own plot arc. If they wanted the audience to believe in a crazy Dany after she snapped then really go home with it. Their treatment of wrapping up danys story is lazy, greyworm the unsullied the dothraki

                                            • Jort Manshanden
                                              Jort Manshanden  3 days back

                                              These arguments are so bad, if she was crazy eyed constantly there would be no surprise on the twist and there was no need for Tyrion to be killed, that’s whining about nothing

                                          • David Murphy
                                            David Murphy  1 weeks back

                                            All the hard work put in by all the people involved in the production only for it to be completed wasted by piss poor writing.

                                            • Its_RoLex
                                              Its_RoLex  1 weeks back

                                              To all the crew I wanna say that you did a job well done, to all the SFX supervisor you are so crearive and made the series look so realistic, to the cast you did so well to the point that you touch the audience hearts with your acting, to the producers thank you for making it possible, to the directors you did so good in directing and making the whole series heart warming and entertaining, and to the "amazing and exceptional" writers... *DRACARYS*

                                              • Saul Joury
                                                Saul Joury  2 weeks back

                                                Cersie should kill the army of Danny including the Gold Company and all "the good people of the city" with Wildefire for what they have done to her, and then kill one dragon. after that Jamie forced to kill her for what she become! Meanwhile Danny become Mad queen and destroy the city, John Snow kill her, Drogon fight with him, John Snow cannot be burnt because he half Targaryen, he kill Drogon in the air, John becom king or both of them dead and Bran become king! (my opinion).

                                                • Maheen Afzal
                                                  Maheen Afzal  2 weeks back

                                                  i want final episode reveal.

                                                  • Dreamer
                                                    Dreamer  2 weeks back

                                                    Such a shame that one of the best tv series ever was ruined in the last season.

                                                  • 自嗨
                                                    自嗨  2 weeks back

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                                                    I think its YT's problem, but I think telling you is more useful.
                                                    THANK YOU

                                                    • Land Ahead Films
                                                      Land Ahead Films  2 weeks back


                                                      • Julius Delossantos
                                                        Julius Delossantos  2 weeks back

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                                                        • Theo Sinclair-Megson
                                                          Theo Sinclair-Megson  2 weeks back

                                                          They realized they had seconds left to live
                                                          *Doesn't move five feet onto an area where the bricks don't fall*

                                                          • Theo Sinclair-Megson
                                                            Theo Sinclair-Megson  2 weeks back

                                                            Gets on the horse then leaves the city.
                                                            *Seen next inside the city*

                                                            • tonytg909
                                                              tonytg909  2 weeks back

                                                              Dan to Dave, when i said we need to kill the characters off,, i didn't mean character....i kinda forgot the "S"

                                                              • tonytg909
                                                                tonytg909  2 weeks back

                                                                Have the writers gone into hiding?.

                                                                • GobZy
                                                                  GobZy  2 weeks back

                                                                  Ich finde es einfach nur genial, dass das Team so gute Arbeit geleistet hat, ich frage mich warum es so "gehatet" wird.. meiner Meinung nach ist es einfach nur richtig episch geworden, ab Staffel 2 hat mich "Game of Thrones" extrem gefesselt, ich habe jede Folge mit Aufregung und großer Erwartung geschaut und es hat sich gelohnt. Das Ende war echt ziemlich traurig, aber mal ganz im ernst, ... es war eigentlich doch ein sehr starkes Ende, ich meine, die "Stark's" wurden bekämpft, getötet und sogar verfolgt, teilweise sogar geknechtet worden... aber am Ende war die "Stark-Familie" auf dem Thron der 6 königslande. Es war brutal, aber dennoch extrem spannend und fesselnd, die besten Rollenspieler/Schauspieler/Designer und wer auch immer alles zum Team gehörte.. die waren meiner Meinung nach, einfach ALLE sehr, sehr gut in ihrer Sache beziehungsweise in ihrem Job. Sie haben Ihre Rollen/Aufgaben/Jobs/Designs, .. , so unfassbar gut gespielt und erledigt das es einfach nur unbeschreiblich geworden ist. Ich hoffe das das Team, damit meine ich jeden, den "Hatestorm" der Fans nicht ans Herz rannehmen, es war einfach eine 1A Arbeit, damit meine ich das es einfach richtig gut war, sehr, sehr gut sogar. Ich kann verstehen das manche böse sind das das Ende so ausgehen musste, aber es war dennoch harte Arbeit das ganze fertig zu stellen. Die Arbeit sollte man schätzen, schließlich haben die Effekte in den Folgen, schätzungsweise 15 Millionen Dollar gekostet, die hat man nicht eben in der Tasche. Ich freue mich auf weitere Serien, Filme, oder was das Team an sich auch geplant hat. Ich bleibe weiterhin auf das gespannt was noch alles geschehen wird. Ich hoffe es zumindest. Ich bedanke mich für alle 8 Staffeln, voller Spannung, Aufregung und allen anderen Gefühlen die ich beim zuschauen bekommen hatte. Danke. :D ...... dracarys

                                                                  • Ting Lei
                                                                    Ting Lei  2 weeks back

                                                                    episode 5 should just be called holy shit……

                                                                    • DerBarone
                                                                      DerBarone  2 weeks back

                                                                      "And we just said holy shit" and they cut off as he says "thats stupid" afterwards

                                                                      • Karen Hawkes
                                                                        Karen Hawkes  2 weeks back

                                                                        Loved all of Game of Thrones, but hey directors/script writers, the "end" very disappointing, Jon Snow?? Should've been King at least oh well the actors/directors everyone involved absolutely top notch best TV series yet, I reckon (apart from ending of course.)

                                                                        • Movie Center
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                                                                          • John Diaz
                                                                            John Diaz  2 weeks back

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                                                                              • Penny Lane
                                                                                Penny Lane  2 weeks back

                                                                                Fawk!!!! I miss this show.. Sunday came and went .. and I groaned and groaned ☹️

                                                                                • Elliot Girl
                                                                                  Elliot Girl  2 weeks back

                                                                                  22:05 - 22:08 Qyburn uses his body to protect Cersei from falling rubbles even faster than Mountain. Sweet =)

                                                                                  • Fehmi Kahraman
                                                                                    Fehmi Kahraman  2 weeks back

                                                                                    Where is the episode six game revealed and inside the episode ?

                                                                                    • Art Nunez
                                                                                      Art Nunez  2 weeks back

                                                                                      This is just fuckin amazing!thank you so much for these behind the scenes,it makes this show a million times better I swear..the entire crew is GOAT for reals..thank you thank you 🙌

                                                                                      • Cheik Bamba
                                                                                        Cheik Bamba  2 weeks back

                                                                                        perhaps i am impatient but i don 't seethe final video "inside episode 6" and season 8 episode 6 Game revealed.