Lulu Wang and the cast of The Farewell on filming their most challenging scene

  • Published: 11 July 2019
  • From writer-director Lulu Wang, The Farewell follows the Chinese-born, U.S.-raised Billi (Awkwafina), who returns to China upon learning her grandmother Nai-Nai has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. When she arrives, she discovers that the rest of the family has decided not tell Nai-Nai of her illness. With the film hitting theaters tomorrow, we sat down with Lulu Wang and some of the cast to talk about the film, and filming their most challenging scene.

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  • Guppy Granny
    Guppy Granny  1 months back

    So, does Lulu’s Nai Nai know her Dx now?

    • vanilla midgets
      vanilla midgets  2 months back

      awkwafina is such a shit name!

      • Lynn Kerew
        Lynn Kerew  2 months back

        I have not seen the movie yet however I can attest to this. My mother was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in 1996. I did not want to tell her as I know, as a chiropractor the mind/body connection. She was perfectly fine, no pain, no limits physically, mentally, psychologically. Upon hearing the news from the doctor who felt obligated to tell her..against our family wishes, the next day my mom was in a wheelchair.....the change was that immediate.

        • Just me, Miaya
          Just me, Miaya  1 months back

          So you told her and she got worse?
          Ps sorry for your loss.

      • yamakarasu
        yamakarasu  3 months back

        Incredible movie. The food, the laughs, the tears and awkward moments. I was blown away.

        • da96103
          da96103  3 months back

          No authentic Asian movie will be without a dinner scene with lots of food.

          • J.B.
            J.B.  3 weeks back

            And thus tons of waste ? Never too late to change habits

        • scully392z
          scully392z  3 months back

          Why is this movie not shown in Hawaii?

          • slsriflecruman87
            slsriflecruman87  2 months back

            Yeah I just saw it tonight at Kahala. It’s also at Ward and Dole

          • Wayne Tamaki
            Wayne Tamaki  2 months back

            I saw this movie this afternoon on Maui and loved it. I could relate to everything they did and say.

          • Wayne96819
            Wayne96819  2 months back

            btw....white waiting for my movie (Dwayne Johnson one)....I seen ALOT of folks going into THE FAREWELL movie....

          • Wayne96819
            Wayne96819  2 months back

            Kahala theater in Kahala Mall.....and at Ward to Dave n Busters....but prices differ....Ward costs more but got reclining seats....Kahala is reg. seats BUT you can find parking.....parking IS a challenge at Ward.

          • D L
            D L  3 months back

            it's limited release for now, I think it's going wide release soon

        • Shirley Chan
          Shirley Chan  3 months back

          Saw this movie today and it was so good. I was expecting it to be a total sob fest, but I actually laughed as much as I cried. I'm so glad that that dinner scene got kept because I felt like it was such an important scene that really stuck with me. I'm excited to watch this movie again.

          ALSO, just want to point out Lulu's great highlight!!!