Awkwafina shares the tearful reactions to 'The Farewell'


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  • Jo Jo
    Jo Jo  1 months back

    They look really similar ( I'm Asian, I am not Racist~!

  • Auntie Rose
    Auntie Rose  2 months back

    We lost 5 to cancer in my family...from 13 - 87. Cancer can cause much pain but her granny didn't seem to be in much pain.
    There was no way to lie to my family those who was doing from cancer. Two of them instinctively knew they were dying.
    Body Intuition.

    • Greg Burrows
      Greg Burrows  2 months back

      I think it’s the wrong choice, not to tell an elderly person the truth about the stage of life they are in. When you are sick and dying, believe me, you will know it. It doesn’t make anything smoother or easier when you’re kept in the dark. The whole thing of not saying a word about death is meant to keep family happy, not the patient who will be dying. It’s a huge denial thing - But we can’t pretend: we will all die, why run away from it? Death is really not that big of a deal. Six weeks ago I held my father as he died, it was sad and beautiful. Sure, it’s very sad and the loss can be terrible for those left behind, but it’s truth, it’s real, deal with it.

      • Lin
        Lin  2 months back

        You should watch the movie if you haven't already. Eastern culture is different from western culture. We would rather focus on the happiness of the moment than the dread and sadness of the months to come. They're letting her enjoy her last months of life instead of drowning in sorrow. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss.

    • Waynimations
      Waynimations  3 months back

      My aunt is fighting cancer and she doesn’t know. This shit really is real

      • Raquel Coria
        Raquel Coria  2 months back

        I am sorry
        Be strong and love her

    • Nessie
      Nessie  3 months back

      I really wish I was in America so I can watch it

      • Ray Chau
        Ray Chau  3 months back

        Saw it today. It is deep and heavy emotionally. U will love Awkwafina in this dramatic role.

        • Katia s
          Katia s  3 months back

          I just saw this movie yesterday and wow. It’s hands down my favorite film of 2019. I’m going back to watch it again next week.

          • Michelle Flood
            Michelle Flood  3 months back

            This is something that happens in Ireland too in that one of the family will stay single purely to care for their elders .

            • Auntie Rose
              Auntie Rose  2 months back

              Traditional culture have many similarities. There's oy one human race, many tribes.

          • ESPNGai
            ESPNGai  3 months back

            Awkwafina and Lulu looks like they can be sisters.. even twins

            • Auntie Rose
              Auntie Rose  2 months back

              Chinese American here.
              You haven't seen enough Chinese

            • Michelle Flood
              Michelle Flood  3 months back

              ESPNGai properly why she got the role also awkafina was raised by by her grandma as her mum died when she was three she even pops up in her music videos ! So the story resonated with her in that she simply had to imagine the grandma in the story was her own and it led to a great performance .

          • almostwater
            almostwater  3 months back

            Awkwafina looks beautiful

            • Henggao Cai
              Henggao Cai  3 months back

              I wish for the success of this movie.

              • Frankie Leung
                Frankie Leung  3 months back

                I don't think this film will be as successful as Craze Rich Asian.

                • Annicorn Baby
                  Annicorn Baby  2 days back

                  One is ensemble blockbuster romcom based on a best selling novel and another is indie solo led drama. There is no competition regarding to box office yields. But that’s not what should be measured in crowning a film “successful”

                • Michelle Flood
                  Michelle Flood  3 months back

                  Frankie Leung I disagree that was comedy this is a dramatic performance by awkafina I think it will certainly do better than crazy rich Asians as it could go up for palm d’or if shown at Cannes or Oscar for foreign film

                • Pedro Parker
                  Pedro Parker  3 months back

                  They just beat avengers:endgame in 2019 per-theater average.

                • sunnydays DDT
                  sunnydays DDT  3 months back

                  This is a low budget indie film.

              • Kev Low
                Kev Low  3 months back

                We could have a Best Picture frontrunner with The Farewell.

                • Michelle Flood
                  Michelle Flood  3 months back

                  Kurt Wong thanks for the info on this !

                • Kurt Wong
                  Kurt Wong  3 months back

                  ​@Michelle Flood It's mostly Mandarin. The story takes place in Changchun (长春) in Northeastern China where people speak Mandarin. In fact Cantonese is only used in some areas in Guangdong (广东) and Guangxi (广西) while even people living there would speak Mandarin too. BTW Nai Nai speaks very standard Mandarin in this film :)

                • Michelle Flood
                  Michelle Flood  3 months back

                  Kev Low I’m hoping it goes to Cannes and gets a palm d’or prize personally or saving that best foreign film at Golden globes or oscars it deserves it . I say foreign film as it’s mainly Chinese language spoken in it properly Cantonese but not sure could be mandarin

              • Bruce Chang-Gu
                Bruce Chang-Gu  4 months back

                this happened to my grandma. Imagine fighting cancer without knowing you had cancer.

                • Lee S
                  Lee S  3 months back

                  We didn’t tell my mother it has metastasized, we just told her don’t worry too much cancer can be cured, so she was all positive about her treatments. She has survived two years and her cancer is in remission right now. Though we know it will probably return, eventually,, not knowing that, she’s positive and not live in fear.

              • Danny Lu
                Danny Lu  4 months back

                This video deserves more views.

                • Calvin Bowen
                  Calvin Bowen  5 months back

                  Any movie staring Awkwafina is one I want to see.

                  • ilona p
                    ilona p  6 months back

                    Sadly in the U.S. we can't do that...the patient is told and unless s/he authorizes someone else to be told, there is nothing anyone can do. Only when there is dementia will the family be told.....but then it is a moot point. Looking forward to this film. I love the respect shown to the elders in other countries. In my home country it is the same, but I live here now.

                    • Auntie Rose
                      Auntie Rose  2 months back

                      Unstoppable Goddess
                      Dignity is a western idea.

                    • Auntie Rose
                      Auntie Rose  2 months back

                      S.G...a couple of my loved ones intuitive knew they were dying.
                      Body Intuition.

                    • Auntie Rose
                      Auntie Rose  2 months back

                      There are white immigrants who speak little English.

                    • Greg Burrows
                      Greg Burrows  2 months back

                      Unstoppable Goddess I agree 100% - this is a Wrong, unjust practice and disrespectful of the patient and the truth

                    • Unstoppable Goddess
                      Unstoppable Goddess  3 months back

                      Michelle Flood because you’re assuming they cannot handle their own life and you’re interfering with their opportunity to grow spiritually. Every obstacle presents an opportunity to grow by allowing us to overcome. If you stop them from this opportunity you’re interfering in something they agreed to do before they incarnated as they person they are.

                  • Bruce L
                    Bruce L  7 months back

                    I look forward to the conversations this movie stirs when it hits the theatre

                    • Raimundo Silva
                      Raimundo Silva  3 months back