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  • Simon Synclair
    Simon Synclair  3 months back

    A+ editing I luv it

  • lee cameron
    lee cameron  1 months back

    The 32 dislikes are from all of Allison’s fake accounts

    • Bella Lashez
      Bella Lashez  2 months back

      First of all WHERE IS YOUR BLUE EYELINER FROM 😍😍 second of all: You are freeking amazing ❤️❤️

    • mammanis
      mammanis  3 months back

      you are so dum

    • Dipta Acharya
      Dipta Acharya  3 months back

      Your editing is so good I can't stop binge watching your videos...I love it...the effort you put into this👏👏👏 Kudos

      • Kikyo Hyuga
        Kikyo Hyuga  3 months back


        • Bella Izzy
          Bella Izzy  3 months back


          • violet columbine
            violet columbine  3 months back

            you suck, i love ur videos,

            • Youtuber Fan Girl Named Edyn

              What Alison doesn’t see that your are doing this for her benefit and I understand that you feel like your being a voice for the people that cant say anything like the fact that your not just doing this to _just_ call her out, but trying to help her as much as you possibly can is also something she seems to not understand

              • laura binny
                laura binny  3 months back

                i love your hair here omg

                • braylynn perez
                  braylynn perez  3 months back

                  With is going on

                  • Savannah Kiefer
                    Savannah Kiefer  3 months back

                    I really truly believe that Alison has no life, and she looks forward to the videos & people questioning her because it gives her something to do and allows her to pose as someone else. I think the drama is fun for her.
                    Kodee, you’re totally right, it’s most likely hopeless that she’d ever consider changing. And if you stop giving her the attention she wants BET she’ll find it somewhere else. I’m sad to see the series end though because I’ve LOVED hearing it all from you every step of the way.❤️😭

                    • Téa Green
                      Téa Green  3 months back

                      Wow! 😁 Great video! 😊

                      • jirriannn
                        jirriannn  3 months back

                        I'm sorry to comment again, but I need someone to tell me what's up with using British phrases? Like "you lot" that's not an American thing, so is that a way to cover up how she "really" talks? Because it's interesting that all of the accounts that are "other people" all use these phrases. 🤔

                        • Ανθή Κόζαλη
                          Ανθή Κόζαλη  3 months back

                          i literally heard from you on twitter just some hours ago, and i must say i really like your sarcasm and humor. Not many people have that i'm afraid. Anyways, just from hearing some things from this video, and down the comments in this section, it seems to me that Allison? Alicia? Whoever the fuck she is, must indeed be desperate for attention;

                          i don't know if she really is an adult of age thirty+, or if she really is a mother, but her behavioral issues are in need of medical attention. She has a son, who she must take care of, provide him with real love and affection, and go to her work to make a living for herself and her son.

                          In these circumstances, and if anything more drastic happens in near future, like allison adopting obsessive and stalker-ish traits, and most importantly become incapable of raising a child. If the situation becomes worse, people need to get involved, and maybe even the police.

                          Cyber Bullying is a form of harassment that's clearly frowned upon from the Department of Justice, and the Police System all around the planet. If you report her to the sources for doing something worse than that, they will take action, and she will (maybe) get either a fine or go to prison.

                          I hope you feel better now, as a fellow human who does mistakes, feels emotions, has a heart beat, and bleeds blood — being even ostracized by one single individual in such a blunt way can be hurtful. Just remember that you have people besides you who support your decisions, and point out your mistakes.

                          Great video, A+ for editing, A+ for the sarcasm, A for the optimism. You're doing great, and you're just plain wonderful. I hope this whole Allison Fiasco comes to an end eventually.

                          • jirriannn
                            jirriannn  3 months back

                            You singing "AlliiiIIIIiiiiIIII" got me 😭🤣

                            • Gehrig Burnett Jr.
                              Gehrig Burnett Jr.  3 months back

                              I am so beyond impressed with this video. Your way of crafting the story is incredible and the editing is just holy balls amazing. I work as a professional editor and I was stressed watching this I could NEVER have the PATIENCE!! Kudo’s to you. I hope you already are or will write, produce and/or edit TV & MOVIES

                              • kodeerants
                                kodeerants   3 months back

                                Aww thanks!!! Editing is so fun! I hope I get to do big stuff in the future.

                            • Emma Woods
                              Emma Woods  3 months back

                              I loved it!

                              • Olivia Sherman
                                Olivia Sherman  3 months back

                                Is she.....Onision??? Because she sounds exactly like him. Manipulating, narcissistic, sociopath. I pray for that kid y’all! Great vid, Kodee! And FORK that Hoe! She wants to be noticed by Colleen so bad that it makes her panties bunch up. Colleen wouldn’t ever address such idiocy, so Allison, honey, GET OFF THE INTERNET. Or how about, if you have a problem with Colleen, or Erik, why don’t you take it up with them? Your taking the wrong approach trying to “infiltrate” her fandom. The people there, love her and adore her, so you’re wasting your time. Go play outside with your kid. Because we all know you don’t go outside. You just sit on your phone all day, everyday, praying for someone to talk about you.

                                • Tori Vise
                                  Tori Vise  3 months back

                                  Okay but that sound of music joke got me so good.

                                  • Peach
                                    Peach  3 months back

                                    There are so many things wrong with Allison in her head. But gosh, is she stupid.
                                    Brand new accounts, saying nothing but “Hello. I’m not Allison. Lol Kodee is sooo obsessed with me. I- I mean Allison. She’s so obsessed with Allison! How sad. And Allison definitely isn’t obsessed with her. Just a random new account I thought I would make to say this. My name is um... Alexandra.”
                                    I just wish she would have never had a son. :( I really hope he has a kind father who sees him regularly and hopefully other family, too. He will have the best chance in life by spending as little time as possible around his mother who manipulates with self-harm/suicide, impersonates people, is malicious, lies compulsively and ridiculously, lives in an alternate reality, has the IQ of a 5 year old and spends most of her free time lying on the internet, while her poor son’s needs go unmet. He must be suffering from all this and it is devastating. :(

                                    Allison if you ever read this. You need psychological help. Really. You might already be in counselling and I’m sure you’ve had it in the past, but if not, you really need to let them know the things you do online. Come clean with everything. You can recover and learn to become a normal person. At some point you were, and you CAN get back there. I know you can. Just think how happy you and your son could be. You can do it! ❤️

                                    • xavier novas
                                      xavier novas  3 months back

                                      Ah shit! HERE COMES TEA!!

                                      • amyy 2006
                                        amyy 2006  3 months back

                                        Being obsessive is Betty with The Farm. Not the Kodee series on allison

                                        • amyy 2006
                                          amyy 2006  3 months back

                                          okay so...SHE LOOKS LIKE HAYLEY WILLIAMS

                                          • Faith
                                            Faith  3 months back

                                            Omg this makes me sick how the fuck can anyone fake wanting to.hurt themselves disgusting

                                            • Faith
                                              Faith  3 months back

                                              You look very pretty in this video hun

                                              • carl dwyer murray
                                                carl dwyer murray  3 months back

                                                Your hair is perfection wow

                                                • I love you
                                                  I love you  3 months back

                                                  Aye congrats on 3.2K ❤️

                                                  • I love you
                                                    I love you  3 months back


                                                    • Marisa Shute
                                                      Marisa Shute  3 months back

                                                      Sweetpea, I adore you so much and I’m so glad you’ve realized that you’ve done all you can to get through to her. You are such a creative, clever and strong woman and I hate seeing you waste that on someone who clearly is out in the ether and not about to come back to reality.

                                                      Just wanted to chime in and I really hope you know how loved you are! I’m so happy I found you 6 months ago. You’ve brought me so many smiles and laughs during really hard and sad times.
                                                      Sending hugs xoxo you’re a star 💫

                                                      • Sassy Blue
                                                        Sassy Blue  3 months back

                                                        This was worth the wait! 💜💜

                                                        • Emily Slithers
                                                          Emily Slithers  3 months back

                                                          Allison acting like she's the guy with DID from Split...

                                                          • gonplei
                                                            gonplei  3 months back

                                                            Great video, I really enjoy your sass and your humor! Makes me laugh a lot 😂😂

                                                            • Bobbi Ward Infamous Thoughts

                                                              Loved it

                                                              • Emma love
                                                                Emma love  3 months back

                                                                This was fantastic!!!!

                                                                • Astrid Pizarro
                                                                  Astrid Pizarro  3 months back

                                                                  Loved the editing! 👏🏻

                                                                  • sabrina
                                                                    sabrina  3 months back

                                                                    this bitch.. i cant..

                                                                    • sabrina
                                                                      sabrina  3 months back

                                                                      faking self harm?? like what the hell?? this bitch is disgusting.

                                                                  • Vámpír Edits
                                                                    Vámpír Edits  3 months back

                                                                    New Queen of YouTube being crowned! 😉

                                                                    • Hayley Marie
                                                                      Hayley Marie  3 months back


                                                                      • Suzu Plays
                                                                        Suzu Plays  3 months back

                                                                        You can’t help those who don’t want it.
                                                                        Best you can do is wash your hands of her pathetic ass and live your life.
                                                                        Karma will take care of the rest.

                                                                        • erikleen 10
                                                                          erikleen 10  3 months back

                                                                          I have been waiting for this video all day💜💜

                                                                          • Rachel Stanley
                                                                            Rachel Stanley  3 months back

                                                                            Been waiting for this! Gotta get my snacks ready cause this is going to be epic

                                                                            • Alaina Fisher
                                                                              Alaina Fisher  3 months back

                                                                              this is amazing!!

                                                                              • Tomi Costanza
                                                                                Tomi Costanza  3 months back