OnePlus 7 Pro Review


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  • Brian Morin
    Brian Morin  2 months back

    I’m Getting The OnePlus 7 Pro 5G next Month I’m excited...this will be my first OnePlus phone.

    • Drew Ricardo
      Drew Ricardo  2 months back

      Great phone but Is everybody gonna ignore how shitty the camera is?
      Traded mine in for S10 5g no comparison

    • Stardust roman
      Stardust roman  3 months back

      Not comparable not rivals photos. Oversaturated and not easy to get the right pictures

      • Alex Hernandez
        Alex Hernandez  3 months back

        I think it’s awesome what one plus is doing I think the 7 is greater bang for the buck. The 6t in the states is still the real bang for your bucks ,other then the pixel 3a. The op7 pro I believe are for real diehard one+ fans willing to drop a little cash to add support to the brand a get a little more lol in two weeks I’ll leave my iPhone 8 happily to snuggle with my oneplus 7 pro

        • ElFatNino 336
          ElFatNino 336  3 months back

          Wtf I had a iPhone 8 and did the same thing

      • caleb aizen
        caleb aizen  4 months back

        i wasted 40000 php buying xiaomi phones. i bought 3 xiaomi devices.. all have ghost touch and screen freeze.. now i got 1+7pro.. its totally worth it..

        • Jim Tuttle
          Jim Tuttle  4 months back

          LOVE this phone! Fast & great battery life.

          • Amir Jinx
            Amir Jinx  4 months back

            The people at 2:49 😂😂

            • Ilestun
              Ilestun  4 months back

              You are scamming us with the 90hz pretending everything you do will be much smoother. Appart from the parameters and hole screen and Google apps, there is close to NO 90hz support, including games (only mainstream using it is Pokémon go).

              Stop scamming people, 90hz will represent 5 to 10% of the usage of the average Jo.

              Smoother web browsing? Why didn't you had "if you using Chrome" ? You are literally scamming people about the 90hz in this review.

              • Yummy in my tummy Yum
                Yummy in my tummy Yum  5 months back

                I love my OnePlus 7 Pro!! The display is so smooth with the 90hz refresh rate on, it's so bright even outdoors in direct sunlight. The battery life is great & Warp charge 30 is awesome. Lack of headphone jack doesn't both me that much since I bought 2 dongles (use Bluetooth headphones when running) & a 128GB USB C memory flash drive for offline files. I'm not a photographer so the camera isn't my priority but I do like the photos it takes. Wireless charging & water resistance I never cared for on my previous phone so I don't miss them. 🙂

                • Destroyer007
                  Destroyer007  4 months back

                  its not that bright for me especially on Netflix ;(

              • Shane Horne
                Shane Horne  5 months back

                My oneplus camera sucks and your telling me it's got a better camera than Huawei and iPhone

                • Yummy in my tummy Yum
                  Yummy in my tummy Yum  5 months back

                  I'm not a huge photographer, but in my eyes, the photos from my 7 Pro look really good. I even took my other phone which is a Note with me to a restaurant & I kinda couldn't tell a difference, BUT that's just me, again I'm NOT a photographer. Camera isn't my priority on a smartphone, only the performance, Display brightness, battery life & design + build. 🙂

              • Russell George
                Russell George  5 months back

                Had it for almost a week and this phone is awesome!

                • Victor Arango
                  Victor Arango  5 months back

                  You lost me at "OnePlus brand used to be synonymus to price performance". Like, dude, it´s still way cheaper than the competitors. What price tag where you expecting for those specifications?. Sad review.

                  • Dart Vader
                    Dart Vader  2 days back

                    @Ilestun what phone would you say is the best all round in 2019 so??

                  • K.D
                    K.D  2 months back

                    @Ilestun Do you have any sources for this? Every benchmark videos force the phones to run consecutively, and measure heat output in real time. The 7 Pro still wins.
                    And to be honest, what the hell do you want this phone to do? I've played PUBG Mobile on the highest setting available at full brightness for 2 hours continuously without it heating up too much. Do you want to mine bitcoin with your phone or something?

                  • Ilestun
                    Ilestun  4 months back

                    @Rosstin Garcia OnePlus made the terrible choice to "cheat" benchmarks there with op7pro, letting the gpu run without throttle until very high temps and with massive throttle after. The only purpose is to achieve records I. Antutu and various benchm which will end before the massive throttle. Buts it's a terrible choice in real life were we want constant performances and futur proofness.

                    But just watch a truly demanding gpu benchmark, like gfx bench........not only the performances are not at the level of other flagships with sd855, it is even behind Mali gpu and it really doesn't show any honor to the adreno 640.

                    So performances are actually fooling most people, but when you really need long and sustained performances, don't count on OnePlus. The throttle management on OnePlus 6 was already bad (big oscillation of performances instead of steady and constant performances), but with op7 pro it's even worse.

                    Run gfx bench on your 7 pro, if you are in 30+° Celsius aera you might not even be able to finish the benchmark because of overheating!!!!! And your score will be trash anyway.

                    So for performances.......oxygen os is quite optimised indeed, but for the rest it is just cheating the benchmarks by throwing everything for maximum performances which won't last but will last long enough to finish the benchmarks and cheat the results.......couldn't cheat gfx bench tho.

                  • Rosstin Garcia
                    Rosstin Garcia  4 months back

                    @Ilestun I think it's too early to say that just by basing on papers. Let's see its performance. Oneplus became a flagship killer because of its performance, not just on its price.

                  • Ilestun
                    Ilestun  4 months back

                    K20pro is way way way better price performance, it is what OnePlus 1 and OnePlus 3 were back then.

                • Johnny Morris
                  Johnny Morris  5 months back

                  I hate notches and this is my new fav!

                  • Nik Var
                    Nik Var  5 months back

                    Watching on my OP3 with Android Pie Official 9.0.2 and can't wait to get mine.....

                    • DAN MULLER
                      DAN MULLER  5 months back

                      Very good video :D !

                      What is the point of having a 12gb ram? Is there a noticable difference with 8?

                      • DAN MULLER
                        DAN MULLER  5 months back

                        @KM zhanks :)

                      • KM
                        KM  5 months back

                        I heard someone say 12gb is more useful for gamers and to futureproof the phone. A normal person will most likely use ca 5gb

                    • ReeRee Box
                      ReeRee Box  5 months back

                      Can you multitask on this cell phone no one is talking about this please let me know

                    • Samuel Lau
                      Samuel Lau  5 months back


                    • Akahay Patel
                      Akahay Patel  5 months back

                      Ordering today

                      • Hannon
                        Hannon  5 months back

                        Nice review! I liked the comparison with various other phones to 7 pro!

                        • David Martrano
                          David Martrano  5 months back

                          Never settle, I settled for the s10plus!

                          • 人情味儿没有
                            人情味儿没有  5 months back

                            Lol. I thought you are here to peddle the zenphone, turns out you are just a dumb troll.

                        • David Martrano
                          David Martrano  5 months back

                          Move over one plus, your not the flagship killer anymore. The Zen Phone6 is the new champ. The 7Pro is now a true flagship price wise, yikes!

                          • Maisonier
                            Maisonier  5 months back

                            If this had a headphone jack... I would buy it instantly

                            • caleb aizen
                              caleb aizen  4 months back

                              u can buy type c headsets.. oneplus 7 also has type c hedsets

                            • mr. vain vice
                              mr. vain vice  5 months back

                              Like really dude get ur ass out of the 80s

                            • KM
                              KM  5 months back

                              i got mine today. Upgrade from OP3. All in all it's an upgrade but iä not a big fan of the curved screen...or i just need to get used to it

                            • Ali Express
                              Ali Express  5 months back

                              @KMgo and headphone jackoff

                            • Chuck P
                              Chuck P  5 months back

                              I ordered an adapter as well. C audio isn't expensive, though I'll miss the cheap, yet good, Skull Candy's.

                          • Lita Zo
                            Lita Zo  5 months back

                            6.67in is too BIG . . 6.2in should be max

                            • royale192
                              royale192  5 months back

                              I took actually took my note 8 out of the case. Overall they look to be the same size. Not bigger and easy to handle.

                          • r4dius
                            r4dius  5 months back

                            Faster, bigger, heavier, priceier, I can understand it's your preferred phone when it's offered to you for free

                            • Mahmudur Rahman
                              Mahmudur Rahman  5 months back

                              Reviews android phone, wears Apple Watch. Nice!

                              • Beakerzor
                                Beakerzor  5 months back

                                3:05 the drop feature is only going to get smartasses (like me) testing the feature, only to actually fumble and really drop it (I better buy the protection plan!) . LOL

                                • Beakerzor
                                  Beakerzor  4 months back

                                  @Chuck P me too! I've shown about 12 people and haven't fumbled it yet! my I know I'll soon fail, it's inevitable! But it's a crowd pleaser!

                                • Chuck P
                                  Chuck P  5 months back

                                  I've tried several times and it works as advertised.

                              • Beakerzor
                                Beakerzor  5 months back

                                0:35 only the 7 Pro is being released (in the USA), there's also a 7 Pro 5G coming next year maybe

                                • Adam Moore
                                  Adam Moore  5 months back

                                  Beakerzor it’s in Europe aswell

                              • J R
                                J R  5 months back

                                Loving my OnePlus 7 Pro. It's awesome.

                              • Zaine Ridling
                                Zaine Ridling  5 months back

                                No dust or water gets into the front camera (see other tedt reviews). Excellent review!

                                • Brandon Jruptz97
                                  Brandon Jruptz97  5 months back

                                  Its all about 2020's one plus flagship. Finally it'll be 5G uk internet

                                  • Erebos
                                    Erebos  5 months back

                                    Already ordered one, this rocks.

                                  • Amit Sharma
                                    Amit Sharma  5 months back

                                    How's the sound quality?

                                    • curt2g1998
                                      curt2g1998  4 months back

                                      Very good. Not as good as my Mate 20 X, but not much different that my Note 9.

                                  • Ankit Rai
                                    Ankit Rai  5 months back

                                    I see what you did there! 3:10 (top left corner)

                                    • Richard Lai
                                      Richard Lai  5 months back

                                      Nah, it's either some weird reflection or smudge, not a dent nor scratch. My phone is still in great shape right now. :-)

                                  • Rahul **
                                    Rahul **  5 months back

                                    Do a giveaway

                                    • B1indsided
                                      B1indsided  5 months back

                                      did u already drop the phone??????? looks cracked at around 3:25...cmon man

                                      • Richard Lai
                                        Richard Lai  5 months back

                                        Nope, my phone is still in great shape!

                                    • E K
                                      E K  5 months back

                                      2:30 Altered Carbon

                                      • Fowzie T
                                        Fowzie T  5 months back

                                        You dented it already???

                                        • Paul Robertson
                                          Paul Robertson  5 months back

                                          Liking the content! Just about to hit the subscribe button!

                                          • Diddly
                                            Diddly  5 months back

                                            Does it have dual Sim card slots?

                                          • Dan Dela Cruz
                                            Dan Dela Cruz  5 months back

                                            wait OnePlsu 7? Was this included in the launch???

                                          • Vertical Horizons
                                            Vertical Horizons  5 months back

                                            With such a vulgar youtube ad in India "OnePlus 7 Pro Unboxing Feat. Bunty from Sacred Games" OnePlus should be banned.

                                            • Justin _that_one_dude
                                              Justin _that_one_dude  5 months back

                                              Lmfaooo one plus 7pro looks like a axon 10 Pro with thr camera shifted to the middle

                                              • Maxismaximal
                                                Maxismaximal  5 months back

                                                Good phone but the camera is really an issue,everything over exposured

                                                • Erebos
                                                  Erebos  5 months back

                                                  @Maxismaximal then check Profesional tests on YouTube, there are amazing shots and videos taken with the 7 pro. I personally think it's a huge step up from the 6t and on par with the huge brands, and I am amazed by that. :-)

                                                • Maxismaximal
                                                  Maxismaximal  5 months back

                                                  @Erebos I believe in what I've seen not in Test's where companies paying for

                                                • Erebos
                                                  Erebos  5 months back

                                                  Check dxomark, it says it all. (it has over 100 points!)

                                              • Unforgiving Samurai
                                                Unforgiving Samurai  5 months back

                                                If it got a better battery life with a better camera experience it'd be the perfect phone

                                                • Christian Bungert
                                                  Christian Bungert  5 months back

                                                  @Chuck P wow, that's great man!

                                                • Chuck P
                                                  Chuck P  5 months back

                                                  @Sagres d'Amor I notice it most when scrolling. It's very noticeable when reverting back to a 60hz device. Just my observation(s). Video and games aren't as noticeable IMHO.

                                                • Chuck P
                                                  Chuck P  5 months back

                                                  I got around 10.5 hours running 90hz today. That's pretty good...

                                                • Christian Bungert
                                                  Christian Bungert  5 months back

                                                  @Dre S hey, just read the great news that a cameraupdate is confirmed by oneplus coming THIS month! Update will be quiet huge cause it's the same Softwareversion on which the dxO score of 118 for photos, 98 on videos is based on. So all of the testers on youtube,the media, all comparisonvideos showing the op 7 pro performance are outdated then and the performance will come even closer to p30pro,pixel, i assume. I don't think it was on purpose not to deliver the newest and best Software right from the start for all.

                                                • Dre S
                                                  Dre S  5 months back

                                                  @Christian Bungert The updates from Oneplus are unbelievable, within a week they made the fingerprint scanner and UI even smoother on the 6T.

                                              • Ax El
                                                Ax El  5 months back

                                                Still don't understand why OnePlus would not sell the OP7 in the United States like what's the big deal in not bringing it, only the pro but i guess the U.S gets shafted once again. It's like they assume everyone would buy the pro anyways

                                                • TheLostTrailBlazer
                                                  TheLostTrailBlazer  2 weeks back

                                                  Lockonese It’s like reading context out of your mom. :D

                                                • Lockonese
                                                  Lockonese  5 months back

                                                  Ax El it’s like your just reading out of context of what i said.... none of of the regular 7 will be releasing anytime soon. No countries will have it in store, like past oneplus. The regular looks exactly like the 6t.

                                                • Ax El
                                                  Ax El  5 months back

                                                  @Lockonese i mean being on focused on one device in promoting i get it, the op7 pro but outright refusing to release it in general. What's the difference i mean asia and some of Europe is getting it they could release both and not promote the 7 as heavily

                                                • Lockonese
                                                  Lockonese  5 months back

                                                  Ax El probably because they’re more focused on the pro version. The regular 7 is basically the 6t with updated chips. Hence why they’re not putting too much emphasis on it. All the promotions as of now are for the 7 pro.

                                                • Ax El
                                                  Ax El  5 months back

                                                  @Lockonese do you know the reason by any chance? There's no info on why

                                              • Lifegoson 1
                                                Lifegoson 1  5 months back

                                                Really hem and not there guy

                                                • Reid18
                                                  Reid18  5 months back

                                                  Joe's Whatever What could you possibly be saying?

                                                  Literally wondering. Not trying to be a d-bag.

                                              • mholdr
                                                mholdr  5 months back

                                                No 5G, no deal - not buying a phone that will be outdated shortly.

                                                • Tho Athome
                                                  Tho Athome  5 months back

                                                  5g will cost you $15-$20 more each month on your bill. If you really need to be downloading over 100mbp all the time then the cost won't matter much to you.

                                                • Pace Mihalcheon
                                                  Pace Mihalcheon  5 months back

                                                  I’m pretty sure it has 5g - if you look on their website it looks like they will at least have a version with a 5g modem

                                              • Fahad Hussain
                                                Fahad Hussain  5 months back

                                                this phone looks good but i still think S10 SD 855 version is the best phone now, i mean better cameras, wireless charging, IP 68 waterproof, 3.5 headphone jack & the most sexiest looking phone, it worth 900 bucks😍

                                                • carver 9
                                                  carver 9  5 months back

                                                  @Tech Support Conn0 ... pop up cameras are mechanical mechanisms. It is a test of durability, you crazy, non thinking human being. Also, there is no IP rating with One Plus phones which takes it out of the flagship category. Be quiet and go sit in the corner.

                                                • Tech Support Conn0
                                                  Tech Support Conn0  5 months back

                                                  carver 9 hole punches dont go in any Display,
                                                  And the Pop up camera doesnt disable durabilty,
                                                  Its just a part of the phone, its like saying,
                                                  “It has a hole on the side! (Headphone jack)
                                                  ITS NOT DURABLE!” And, many people think that
                                                  Having a notchless design and a faster screen
                                                  Is worth saving $200 and only a headphone jack,
                                                  Besides, 3.5mm Adapters are only $1 on Amazon,
                                                  All you need is a GCAM MOD and you got yoursekf
                                                  The Flagship phone, The S10 and S10+ is nice,
                                                  Just not worth it

                                                • Victor Arango
                                                  Victor Arango  5 months back

                                                  $200+ for a headphone jack and a wireless charging feature that takes 3hrs to charge your device. ;) Great.

                                                • carver 9
                                                  carver 9  5 months back

                                                  @Adam L. ... people have different opinions. You're weird for thinking it's disgusting but I'm sure you probably own a one plus phone and you're trying to battle for their phones being great. Doesnt help you here because the S10 still looks better, even with the nice looking hole punch that people are enjoying. No one wants a pop up camera that sacrifice durability. Well, no one with any type of common sense.

                                                • Adam L.
                                                  Adam L.  5 months back

                                                  I disagree entirely. The S10 has a disgusting hole punch notch.