OnePlus 7 Pro: 1 Week Later (vs Galaxy S10+)


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  • Erica Griffin
    Erica Griffin   4 months back

    OIS CAN be turned on and off. It's a misconception that it can't.

    • Santos Melendez
      Santos Melendez  1 months back

      @4 gauge Can you source that in any way at all?

    • 4 gauge
      4 gauge  1 months back

      @Santos Melendez Sorry,I've had TOO MANY sadsongs apart to know better,they have SONY cameras in them,plus alot of their phones use Hitashi components in them,NOT a rumor,but FACT.

    • Santos Melendez
      Santos Melendez  1 months back

      @4 gauge Samsung phone 1000% do not use Sony screens for their phones. Please don't spread some misinformation that bad.

    • Realizer Network
      Realizer Network  1 months back

      One novelty mention about the sonic fingerprint sensor, it's a bit slower because it actually checks for bloodflow so someone doesn't use a dummy thumb with your print on it. It makes it a bit more secure, also someone can't cut your finger off and unlock your phone with it. LOL.... Maybe not super practical but it's there.

    • cezzarmicu
      cezzarmicu  2 months back

      Cant do it manually though. You need to CHOOSE between 30fps and 60fps to do that. Other manufacturers offer the option to switch it on/off when on 30fps.

  • Liviu CLG
    Liviu CLG  2 days back

    Change the damn title! this is not a comparison or after a week impressions. This is a freekin full review. Dislike.

    • Hüseyin IVORYWAY
      Hüseyin IVORYWAY  3 days back

      21:19 :DD

      • brandon smith
        brandon smith  5 days back

        S10 doesn't slow down when charging

        • Disha Rathore
          Disha Rathore  7 days back

          Hey Erica,
          I find the display of one plus 7 pro to be a non-flagship quality. I mean 90hz is cool but when I compared it to my Galaxy s9, the display panel of gs9 is still generation ahead.
          Do you find the same?

          • Disha Rathore
            Disha Rathore  1 days back

            @You are an NPC, please reply. nope, I compared it to many, looks aren't rich in quality. Seems like a medium quality panel with high refresh rate

          • You are an NPC, please reply.
            You are an NPC, please reply.  4 days back

            I don't think so, it should be just as good as any display.

        • chillgreeko
          chillgreeko  1 weeks back

          The only thing that not makes your channel perfect to watch is all ways your home screen setup 🙈😁 you are the best !

          • Phil Melrose
            Phil Melrose  1 weeks back

            I've bought the One-plus 7 Pro after getting rid of my iPhone XS, and oh boy what a difference! So glad a switched!!

            • disadadi
              disadadi  2 weeks back

              Brighter screen uses more battery and degrades faster. Lower brightness gives longevity to the display. I've noticed with S5 and 3T that after 2 years of use you can start to see difference with the pixels on the notification bar due to them always being static. That area suffers less brightness and less color saturation.

              • UnReaL
                UnReaL  3 weeks back

                Already order the oneplus 7 pro 12 GB and I cant wait to start using it.

                • drencoss
                  drencoss  3 weeks back

                  Hi Erica whats the wired audio quality like with this phone ?

                  • David Cuibus
                    David Cuibus  3 weeks back

                    you must have really large pockets. xD

                    • Stephen Silvers
                      Stephen Silvers  3 weeks back

                      I think you are a very unappreciated YouTuber. I thoroughly enjoy your videos. You are very detailed with your reviews and it's appreciated. Keep the reviews coming. The 7!pro looks amazing.

                      • Kay Cee
                        Kay Cee  3 weeks back

                        Sold my S10 plus to get the 7 Pro I regret it. back on my S10 Plus. reason#1 camera I thought it was pretty good on a normal day shot.midday and night left me with my mouth open omg Crappie compared to the Samsung S10 Plus forget about the optical zoom garbage no comparison #2 it is slightly faster then the S10 Plus but after having both of them I realize it's not all about speed and I used to be a speed freak. S10 Plus it's a high-quality phone compared to the 7 Pro. It had a few glitches can't name them all you'll have to see for yourself this is why it's not a flagship phone. Reason#3 no SD card no auxiliary port and the speaker quality is not as good as the S10 Plus. the screen is not as sharp.#4 the phone is heavy I thought I could get used to it but the S10 Plus fits in the hand better and it's much lighter it feels like new technology it's just all-around a better phone especially Smart View that I use with my TV and many more but I'll stop here. Don't get me wrong I like the phone but when it comes to choosing I have to stay with Samsung. The update on the camera kind of helped but it still doesn't compare. portrait mode no comparison background blur sucks. Listen I speak the truth from my experience I hope it helps future buyers if you want quality and a reliable phone S10 plus all the way. Looking forward to saving again for the Note 10 plus OMG that phone is a must-have

                        • PRAMODAYA COMMUNICATIONS

                          WPS connect are not in OnePlus

                          • Gerry Clay
                            Gerry Clay  4 weeks back

                            Waiting to see what Google offers with the next Pixel phone. Otherwise I like what I see here.

                            • Tamir Orbach
                              Tamir Orbach  4 weeks back

                              Hi Erica. Great video. I'm curious if you still have the OnePlus now in August, what your thoughts about the camera are now since OP has made some improvements. Also curious about your thoughts on this vs. the Note 10+.

                              • Matthew Valadez
                                Matthew Valadez  1 months back

                                This over the note 10+?

                                • Destroyer007
                                  Destroyer007  3 weeks back

                                  @JoyCon Boyz Forever not in services and build etc and other hardware

                                • JoyCon Boyz Forever
                                  JoyCon Boyz Forever  1 months back

                                  If you don’t care about camera/battery. Otherwise, oneplus is superior in almost every way.

                              • stevae wei
                                stevae wei  1 months back

                                Sorry, but the ridiculously rounded shape of this phone is ugly as hell. And the vertical lined cameras on the rear make it unstable on my desk. It was not comfortable in my hands, and I never could get past the crazy rounded sides, showing tons of glare. Lastly, I thought the popup camera would be great, but it was cheap and gimmicky. Overall, after using Samsung phones for a long time, I wasn't able to give this phone a pass, and got rid of it immediately. It's a really low grade feeling phone. I didn't like anything about it. I went back to the Samsung's with an S10+ ceramic 1TB. Much better and nicer phone. No contest at all...

                                • Zvezdas2012
                                  Zvezdas2012  1 months back

                                  Hi Erica. Would you recommend oneplus 7pro over s10+? Thanks

                                  • coaldust
                                    coaldust  1 months back

                                    No comparison. No notch. 90hz. Op7pro is far better.

                                • Er ba
                                  Er ba  1 months back

                                  Wow unglaublich head is very nice ich will auch eine please help me😭😭

                                  • Simon Christ
                                    Simon Christ  1 months back

                                    How many fingers do you have?

                                    • Twin Turbo
                                      Twin Turbo  1 months back

                                      That 90hz might make it easier on the eyes while reading e-books on the phone.

                                      • AllenM3
                                        AllenM3  1 months back

                                        Debated waiting for the Note 10+, coming from a Note 8... No brainier to get the 7 Pro. Ordered my nebula blue. The Note series is a total rip... $1100 for S-pen features and better cameras. Then regular Note10 missing SD card(why?), no headphone jack, no high refresh rate...for $950. Why would anyone buy that over the S10+??? Bye Samsung...

                                        • asnfhtm lzxsje
                                          asnfhtm lzxsje  1 months back

                                          Nebula blue of 1 plus beats all other blues but I m buying Note 10 plus this time

                                          • Stephen Godwin Oghobaghase

                                            When i saw you in the photos with the camera shot, i must confess,You're really beautiful

                                            • kramdens1967
                                              kramdens1967  1 months back

                                              Whatever happened to the full review?

                                              • Tyler Lau
                                                Tyler Lau  1 months back

                                                2020 iPhone or 2020 One Plus?

                                                • Hazman Noor
                                                  Hazman Noor  2 months back

                                                  Great Segment. Detail review points with samples of images and comparison between Galaxy S10 and OnePlus 7 Pro. Look forward for future review. Indeed, anybody with budget on smartphone Android should get OnePlus 7 Pro.

                                                  • ramsingh India
                                                    ramsingh India  2 months back

                                                    Lovely job 👍 👍

                                                    • Karsten
                                                      Karsten  2 months back

                                                      when do you test the Sony Xperia 1.....????

                                                      • Gerry Indramades Almi
                                                        Gerry Indramades Almi  2 months back

                                                        this is one of the best oneplus 7pro review out there..

                                                        • spacom08
                                                          spacom08  2 months back

                                                          Great Video nice girl., I think the Samsung has better camera and video, and more features than the one plus.

                                                          • kln888 kln888
                                                            kln888 kln888  2 months back

                                                            This is by far the best review ive seen on the 1+7pro and beleive me ive watched a lot of them!!! Thank you!!

                                                            • Dennis lee
                                                              Dennis lee  2 months back

                                                              Peter Griffin

                                                              • WeezyZZ
                                                                WeezyZZ  2 months back

                                                                Hi what launcher do you have ? Nice icons

                                                                • Shubhajit Chand
                                                                  Shubhajit Chand  2 months back

                                                                  What's gonna happen to the pop up camera of oneplus after it has been used for 300000 times??🤔🤔🤔

                                                                  • Mior Azam
                                                                    Mior Azam  2 months back

                                                                    All the best from Erica's review... But missed that all the screen colour calibration measurements 😔

                                                                    • Arsidala
                                                                      Arsidala  2 months back

                                                                      Is it only me or it is in all phones right now?
                                                                      My OnePlus model is DM1910, Oxygen OS 9.5.8.GM21AA.
                                                                      When I open the front camera I can clearly see on the screen that in the corners the image goes stretched. And when a face is in the corner it becomes just ugly and crooked.
                                                                      Is this only with my phone? :(

                                                                      • branIsA CrippledDoucheBag

                                                                        reasons im getting this bad boy:
                                                                        -oxygen os
                                                                        -edge to edge curved screen no notches or holes
                                                                        -good battery life from what iv researched from user comments
                                                                        -top shelf internals

                                                                        no wireless charging? meh...
                                                                        no official ip rating? hakuna matata brother
                                                                        no headphone jack? im a wireless warrior rocking em galaxy buds now

                                                                        in a perfect world it would have a stylus thats the only thing imma miss from my note 8 when i switch over

                                                                        • Red Hood
                                                                          Red Hood  1 months back

                                                                          branIsA CrippledDoucheBag don’t forget about the decent camera

                                                                      • Logen Ninefingers
                                                                        Logen Ninefingers  2 months back

                                                                        Was deciding between this s10 plus and p30 Pro, not bothered about best camera as long as it takes decent enough pictures occasionally I was leaning towards this, but the lack of an ip rating (I like to use my phone in the shower or bath for podcasts) and the lower battery life compared to the p30 had me a little hesitant. But I think I'm decided I'm going one plus Pro 7. Also wish it had a sd card slot.

                                                                        • TresTurkey
                                                                          TresTurkey  4 weeks back

                                                                          S10 is WATER resistance, not steam resistance

                                                                      • Dennis Xu
                                                                        Dennis Xu  2 months back

                                                                        There's nothing out there that suggests that this is Samsung panel.

                                                                        • Gaurav Mishra
                                                                          Gaurav Mishra  2 months back

                                                                          okay , i am bit hesitant about the camera , i heard after installing pixel apk its gets better , also good camera is really important for me as i take architecture related photos.

                                                                          • Stranger Phenomenon
                                                                            Stranger Phenomenon  2 months back

                                                                            is 12GB good for the phone? or just a gimmick?

                                                                            • Pancake Dog
                                                                              Pancake Dog  4 weeks back

                                                                              Gimmick,get the 8 gb one

                                                                            • Dp1ay
                                                                              Dp1ay  2 months back

                                                                              Stranger Phenomenon It’s a gimmick. Just as notches and curved edges.

                                                                          • glossedghost
                                                                            glossedghost  2 months back

                                                                            It will not shut the camera fast enough from chest height if you drop it.

                                                                            • Abid Rustam
                                                                              Abid Rustam  2 months back

                                                                              I'm done with curved screen phone

                                                                              • RS S
                                                                                RS S  2 months back

                                                                                Oneplus 5t which has a mate body (lighter weight and more drop proof), thin bezel, no notch and reasonably good battery life would have been perfect if it has stereo speakers and good camera like pixel phone. I don't care as much water proof rating or wireless charging, these are just secondary. Anyone else agrees?

                                                                                • Gurjinder Singh
                                                                                  Gurjinder Singh  2 months back

                                                                                  Quite a Nice Review (my First Erica Review) but you must try to spend less time on the Camera department. Feels like 30-40% of the time you were talking about the Camera although there is so much to talk about in a phone.

                                                                                  • Logen Ninefingers
                                                                                    Logen Ninefingers  2 months back

                                                                                    Yeah as someone who doesn't really care about the camera on a phone (If I want to take pics I'll buy a camera) I agree with this. Performance, features, battery much more important to me.

                                                                                • Toney M.
                                                                                  Toney M.  2 months back

                                                                                  Great video.