BLOODBORNE - Tom & Harry! - 13/06/19


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  • Tripping Sage
    Tripping Sage  2 months back

    Them wasting blood echoes on blood vials kills me

    • Gustaf Hillertz
      Gustaf Hillertz  2 months back

      I get all kinds of anxiety when tom walks around on half health against a boss

      • Skop Craft
        Skop Craft  2 months back

        so you know how you guys love the wheelchair guys ?

        • Papa Paul54
          Papa Paul54  2 months back

          i didnt know this was the yogscast who the fuck are tom and harry. i remember honeydew and xephos.

          • S
            S  2 months back

            Did they ever kill that giant brain after dropping it in a pit (I think it was at Mensis Nightmare)?

            • CapitalGearGaming
              CapitalGearGaming  2 months back

              For once even the boys struggle.

              • Jude McCabe
                Jude McCabe  2 months back

                I think i want to donate purely to give them a tldr of the lore and to give them info on the dungeons for if they wanna play abit more
                edit: do you think a post on reddit will get to em?

                • dork yface
                  dork yface  2 months back

                  I defeated a boss in DS3 just as the stream finished XD

                  Can't wait for you guys to move on to the other Soulsborne games!

                  • Nokle
                    Nokle  2 months back

                    Does barry have a channel?

                    • Nokle
                      Nokle  2 months back

                      HEY! Tommy boy, i LOVE YOU! You are so cool and funny and awesome.

                      Barry is really cool too!

                      • Mike Dean
                        Mike Dean  2 months back

                        Micolash Cage. I salute you sir. MVP of the stream!! Alexa. Great tanking and huge help!

                        • Chloe
                          Chloe  2 months back

                          The reason Gehrman wants you dead is because he's been committing disability fraud and Backster is the only one who knows, therefore he must die before he rats him out.

                          • Mc Lovemoffin
                            Mc Lovemoffin  2 months back

                            Please do fusion dark souls on the switch. That sounds amazing

                            • KingCole
                              KingCole  2 months back

                              Gehrman sounds like Tom saying BAM! It's perfect👌

                              • Mc Lovemoffin
                                Mc Lovemoffin  2 months back

                                Ah Harry, or some say Barry.

                                • Reynald Fox
                                  Reynald Fox  2 months back

                                  They should do it again in new game+

                                  • RJ seven
                                    RJ seven  2 months back

                                    Haven't they only had two umbilicals?

                                    • The Tak
                                      The Tak  2 months back

                                      yeah p sure they beansed it on arianna's

                                    • Elijah Charet
                                      Elijah Charet  2 months back

                                      No, they had all 3. You’re probably thinking of Arianna’s cord, which is the same as Iosefka's cord, just in a different location.

                                  • Chimpey
                                    Chimpey  2 months back

                                    Harry is very hairy

                                    • Kyle Lockhart
                                      Kyle Lockhart  2 months back

                                      break ends at 1:34:28

                                    • Mike Dean
                                      Mike Dean  2 months back

                                      POGCHAMP DUDE. I missed the stream yesterday and now I have 6 hours of uninterrupted Tom and Harry Barry boi.

                                      • Ben Netherway
                                        Ben Netherway  2 months back

                                        Uh oh the blood's borne straight to my penis