Letting The Person in FRONT of Me Decide What We Eat!


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  • Boohyah
    Boohyah  17 less than a minute back

    Who to believe

    • Prison Mike
      Prison Mike  37 less than a minute back

      Please stop hating on Jeffree yes he might have messed up but he’s just trying to do a video and I go to the comment to learn about the video but these comments are very sad

      • Kat Von D
        Kat Von D  50 less than a minute back

        Your makeup products may be good but your personality isnt fucking bitch

        • Leigh ann Mitchell
          Leigh ann Mitchell  52 less than a minute back

          What are you guys cattle running after some one makes there next video whos the Shepard who's gonna lead you sheep into your pin?

          • Lorraine
            Lorraine  2 minutes back

            You're a psychopath. Smh. Stop bullying underage kids

            • ava muday
              ava muday  2 minutes back


              • Princess Leigh-Cheri
                Princess Leigh-Cheri  4 minutes back

                New subscriber to Jeffree, I feel like he got involved in this mess because he's naturally a very passionate and protective person, once he sees red he's like a bull that goes all out. But in this case I don't think his intentions were to end James Charles' career, i believe he was used, by Tati, literally like a pawn. Because they know he's effervescent. James Charles showed very eye-opening texts where at the beginning Jeffree and him were talking and we can see Jeffree had good intentions to actually talk to him and fix things, but then, JC showed a text where jeffree said, "everyone has told me all the crazy things you've been saying about me these past few months"which show how people MANIPULATED HIM against JC to intensify their own narrative. Jeffree, I doubt you'll ever see this, but please dont make a video against JC, THIS WAS NEVER YOUR drama, they just involved you in it, BECAUSE THEY KNOW YOU'RE QUICK TO PROTECT, in order to magnify their own cause. After the Shane documentary, you sincerely came to terms with who you truly are. Don't let people using you, tear apart all that hard work, which I believe to be 100% genuine. Just bow out of this one, please. For your own sanity. <3 l

                • Miku Laufeyson
                  Miku Laufeyson  50 less than a minute back

                  THANK. YOU. OH MY GOD! I agree. I really don't think J wanted to end Charles' career. People must have been telling him things behind the scenes because they knew he'd jump on that shit.

              • Ashley. R
                Ashley. R  4 minutes back

                If you believe that James has a dirty mind and needs help you should speak for yourself. Seriously you're 33 years old and you should know way better. The fact that you would even have the thought about James little brother left bc " James questioned his sexuality" just makes you a way more horrible person. Literally sick. I hate negativity but I had to let what I think out. Smh

                • Rahim Died
                  Rahim Died  5 minutes back

                  Ariana grande: *im disappointed in jeffree*

                  Victoria justice: *i think we all can say we’re disappointed in jeffree*

                  • NN
                    NN  5 minutes back

                    Who’s waiting for Jeffree’s proof video

                    • Wet Squig
                      Wet Squig  5 minutes back

                      Me watching and subscriber count after he released his video

                      And I oop—

                      • Bella Lamy
                        Bella Lamy  5 minutes back

                        I think that dollar tree makeup has done something to your bain, don't let the fame get to your head.

                        • msn
                          msn  6 minutes back

                          You got so involved in a situation which you were not even supposed to be apart of. You knew nothing about it yet you manipulated and spread fake news to the world. You’re a sick fuck and this is coming from someone who thinks James Charles is cringey.

                          • Nishel Lavey
                            Nishel Lavey  4 minutes back

                            Wow.. Your right, but I don't think he's a sick fuck, just that he got involved in unnecessary things.. Even I think James is cringy :P before and after the drama.

                        • Nishel Lavey
                          Nishel Lavey  6 minutes back

                          This is so weird, haters are trying to peer pressure me into hating jeffree in the comment section..

                          • Anon e
                            Anon e  7 minutes back

                            BYE SISTER

                            • Nishel Lavey
                              Nishel Lavey  4 minutes back

                              We don't "sister" here, anyway bye to you :P not jeffree

                          • •S T A R G A Z E R •
                            •S T A R G A Z E R •  7 minutes back

                            And I OOP-

                            • Balletap
                              Balletap  7 minutes back

                              So James looses 3 million subscribers for his lies but he doesn’t loose any subscribers for lying?

                              Not saying he should, just saying James shouldn’t.

                              • Moonshine X3
                                Moonshine X3  8 minutes back

                                Tbh everyone is having there own part of the story the world is tired of it like dude can’t we all just like shut the fuck up and watch larri PERIODT

                                • Jackie_chu xX
                                  Jackie_chu xX  8 minutes back

                                  Why am I so cerious I want jeffree to play roblox and roast some 10 year Olds😂.

                                  • Tiana blank
                                    Tiana blank  8 minutes back

                                    Honestly just stop. Why go further into the James situation when everyone including him just needs a break from it? Hasn’t the bullying gone far already? Go do something more productive than make an “expose” video 🤦‍♀️

                                    • Shaydin Raleigh
                                      Shaydin Raleigh  9 minutes back

                                      You should come to Idaho

                                      • Ciara Semilla
                                        Ciara Semilla  9 minutes back

                                        Tomorrow james will hit 15m hahahhaha hit blue if im correct

                                        • Suri Tasbas
                                          Suri Tasbas  9 minutes back

                                          U are a f*cking hoe i can’t believe that u are a faker u are a fake friend

                                          • Michelle McDermott
                                            Michelle McDermott  9 minutes back

                                            Wait...Wendy’s has breakfast? What?

                                            • Bella Lamy
                                              Bella Lamy  9 minutes back

                                              I feel ashamed I liked you sorry but you can't take back what you and Tati said. when people spread or start drama that means there is something fucked up in their brain that makes them want attention. so please you and Tati should go see a therapist.

                                              • ShakimPlayz
                                                ShakimPlayz  10 minutes back

                                                Don’t let this you from the fact I didn’t say distract

                                                Can I have my sub if you got tricked :)

                                                • fika dlodlo
                                                  fika dlodlo  11 minutes back

                                                  GET UNO REVERSED😂😂😂

                                                  • Matt Chafer
                                                    Matt Chafer  11 minutes back

                                                    18:44 “I’m so famous” conspiracy

                                                    • Nishel Lavey
                                                      Nishel Lavey  1 minutes back

                                                      Tati made a big deal about this inside joke not jeffree :P

                                                  • isabella harrison
                                                    isabella harrison  11 minutes back

                                                    what time do you have to arrive for the london masterclass???

                                                    • Asian potato
                                                      Asian potato  12 minutes back

                                                      U need to stop getting involved with things that has nothing to do with u ✋ PERIOT

                                                      • Fairly Local Dreamer
                                                        Fairly Local Dreamer  13 minutes back

                                                        Now you’re sister cancelled

                                                        • Wilma
                                                          Wilma  13 minutes back

                                                          You should hear both sides of the story before you start evolving the ongoing drama. Im so disappointed in you...

                                                          • noone wants to be a square
                                                            noone wants to be a square  14 minutes back

                                                            Why do u insert urself in drama which doesn’t involve u?

                                                            • Amani Hodges
                                                              Amani Hodges  15 minutes back

                                                              I really thought you were a good person but your just a fake person who likes ruining people's careers SMH jefree you gotta do better

                                                              • julia
                                                                julia  15 minutes back

                                                                james is NINETEEN hes almost half of tatis age and jeffree is thirty three. why are these grown adults arguing with a TEENAGER like 15-20 years younger then them ? jeffree is lucky people dont label him how he acted ten years ago so why is bashing james charles so hard when he did worse? and he said there are two sides to every story but he wasnt willing to listen to jamess side when he was losing millions of subscribers

                                                                • mayravillafana1
                                                                  mayravillafana1  15 minutes back


                                                                  • Cloe San Miguel
                                                                    Cloe San Miguel  15 minutes back

                                                                    I don’t understand how James lost 2 million subscribers over lies, yet Jeffree still has all his subscribers even after all the horrible things he’s said/done to people. This is not okay. People are willing to let a guilty 32 year old man off the hook for things he ACTUALLY DID, and when it comes to James (20 year old kid, who still has growing up to do) they’re willing to “cancel” him and drag him for things he didn’t even do.

                                                                    Edit: oh yeah, unsubscribed ✅

                                                                    • Lalalujie
                                                                      Lalalujie  15 minutes back

                                                                      You should be ashamed of yourself, you should also GROW THE FUCK UP AND STAY OUT IF OTHER PEOPLE'S BUSINESS.

                                                                      • Andrew Lincoln
                                                                        Andrew Lincoln  16 minutes back

                                                                        Go to Jeffrey’s channel I keep refreshing so mesmerizing oh how the tables have turned 😂

                                                                        • Diego Nunez
                                                                          Diego Nunez  17 minutes back

                                                                          James Charles is right this guy is full of crap unsub guys

                                                                          • Kirsten Elizabeth
                                                                            Kirsten Elizabeth  18 minutes back

                                                                            I really liked you but after seeing the horrible text you sent to James has me feeling sick. No wonder James was in such a dark place at such a young age, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. Bye Jeffree! 👋

                                                                            • lady papercraft
                                                                              lady papercraft  19 minutes back

                                                                              Ur just mad noone talks about you outside of youtube beauty vids unlike charles

                                                                              • krya von
                                                                                krya von  20 minutes back

                                                                                Your the real one who was friends with a rapist cough cough...... AKON!! How do you sleep at night racist ass bitch!!

                                                                                • im just here to laugh
                                                                                  im just here to laugh  21 minutes back

                                                                                  Fucking gay

                                                                                • M_ Elizabeth
                                                                                  M_ Elizabeth  21 minutes back

                                                                                  Have you always been an extremely toxic and horrible person or is that just as of late?

                                                                                  • minecrafters playz
                                                                                    minecrafters playz  22 minutes back

                                                                                    Derek Gerard did it first

                                                                                    • Rekha Chauhan
                                                                                      Rekha Chauhan  22 minutes back

                                                                                      I regret that i started following you on IG after all this drama. But I'm happy i unfollowed you before James new upload.

                                                                                      • minecrafters playz
                                                                                        minecrafters playz  22 minutes back

                                                                                        Nice stolen idea